Monday, September 14, 2009

Then There Was Light

8 x 10 Oil on Canvas
You're really not going to believe what I just discovered.  For a long time I have had chronic back pain as a result of having twisted hips, you know those big paddle like bones.  Because of the twisted hip my back is all wacky-jawed, starting at the lower back and going all the way up to my neck and boy does it hurt. I have tried just about everything I could think of to eliminate this issue. I've done the chiropractor, major exercise to strenghten my core, arch support in my shoes, yogo stretches daily, lots of advil, accupuncture etc etc...Then
one day about a week before I made this commitment I consulted one of the books on my book shelf  called  "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. 
Her philosophy is that your emotionally held beliefs manifest into physical symptoms.  So guess what it said about the cause for hip problems: "the fear of going forward in major decisions, nothing to move forward to". Well that described, in a nut shell, what was going on with me.  Fast forward to yesterday, it occured to me that my terrible terrible pain wasn't there. Really! And then I remembered what I had read in Louise's book, how cool is that? Who would've thunk it? I am moving forward on my quest of 100 paintings in a year, pain free.


  1. Amy, so happy to hear about your success in conquering your health challenge! I love Louise Hay, and have been a fan for many years! I have given her book to so many people! She is so fabulous! Best of luck to you !!

  2. Wonderful Amy!
    Ah, beautiful to look at the strokes, hope I get to go to your gallery and see them live ;-) Or will you be bringing the collection to San Diego? You know, like on tour.
    At the rate you're going you'll probably be finished in less than a year! WOW! You go girl!

  3. Wonderful Amy!
    Ahhh, beautiful painting! I love the colors and looking at the strokes...hope to get to see them "live" at your gallery ;-) Or will you be bringing the collection to San Diego? You know, like on tour.
    At this rate you'll be finished in less than a year! You go girl!

  4. So cool! PS - I ran into your sweet, adoring husband last night and he told me what you are up to. This is so cool, too. We missed you at Debbi's show.

  5. I think you are absolutely right about that. I met your husand last week and he told me about your blog. I too, plan to do 100 paintings as soon as possible. I like your idea about doing them in one year. Your paintings are very good. You are doing fine, and you are an inspiration to me. Jim Nieto

  6. Hello James, thank you so much for your kind words, your portraits are wonderful, nice to know another fellow artist, have fun painting 100