Monday, December 20, 2010

It's About the Present

 New Beginnings © 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
14 x 11 oil on canvas

What do you give a fellow artist for Christmas? A painting of course. This is one I gave in fact. As my friend Paula opened her gift, she exclaimed that it made her think of new beginnings.  And by golly, it made me think of new beginnings, too. My mind always seems to be racing to the next thing to do, or the next thing to plan...even though I haven't even finished this holiday season yet.

I wonder if those little chicks inside those blue eggs are thinking about what they are going to do as soon as they break out, I doubt it. Nope, I bet it's pretty peaceful inside those little eggs. So perhaps I'll give myself a present and be present to the present. I'll report back...

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Body Over Mind"

Lean on Me  © 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
18 x 14 oil on canvas
 I saw them standing there all cuddled up enjoying each others company and I quickly snapped a picture while they we're having their intimate moment. They look like such a good pair, rugged yet elegant, sassy yet serious. If I lived in snow country, I would definitely have to adopt these boots. I would just hate to separate these two. Ya know?

For some reason, this time between Thanksgiving and New Year's, I have a hard time thinking about painting.  My mind is busy with all these things I "need" to do,. Whether it's planning or cooking or buying or attending or.....   And despite all this, my body, not my mind, pulls me into the painting studio.  I thought about this somewhat mysterious phenomenon, and the words that popped into my head was muscle memory. This is  how Wikipedia defines it: 

"When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task; eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. This process decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems."

I know this doesn't exactly fit the definition, but  this is what it felt like inside me. So even though my mind has been busy with all the holiday stuff, my habit of painting everyday just pulled me right into the studio.  Oh how happy it makes me. The smell of the oil paints, the way the paint feels when you mix it, the zoning out...maybe that's the best part of it all.  Just me and the painting and the present moment.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Opening Night

 The Austin Art Salon 5 at the 
Wild At Heart Reception

So last Thursday night, my art buds and I had our first group show as  the Austin Art Salon 5.  at the Prickly Pear Gallery in Austin.  That's us above.  On the left is yours truly, then Kim Brill (kilnformed glass), then Debbi Smith Rourke (oil ), next is Nancy Michalewicz (oil ) and on the end is Paula Simpson (chocolate). Yes, you read the right, she creates paintings out of pure chocolate, frame and all. They smell and look delicious.

It was a fun night and we had a nice turnout, which always makes an artist happy, right?  The exhibit will be up through the end of the year. Okay, now I gotta get painting! Because as y'all come see the exhibit, the paintings are going to fly off the know, when you make your purchases.  Then I'll need to fill that space on the wall that is now empty. An artist work is never done. Whew!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A New Perspective

It's the Inside That Counts 
12 x 12 oil on canvas
© 2010 Amy Hillenbrand

It's funny how things can change depending on your perspective. Before Thanksgiving, I was stressing about painting.  I was stressing because I was pushing to get a certain amount of paintings done for a show that is opening this week.  The paintings are now hung for the show, the turkey's been cooked, the family has come, the family has gone and now I can't wait to get painting again. Maybe next time I'll just skip the stressing part and enjoy the painting.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Canvas Envy

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Boot
18 x 14 oil on canvas
© 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
I saw these lovelies at a local store and thought in that moment I just have to take a picture of boots. Then I went home and painted them and just as I had anticipated, they were incredibly fun to paint. As you know, I love to paint shoes and I love to paint critters. It was like having those two fun subjects in one. But then something unexpected happened. I had canvas envy. Yes, I was and am deeply envious of what is now on my canvas. I want these boots. Santa, do you read blogs? Maybe one of his elves reads blogs...
Have a Happy and Fuzzy Wuzzy Warm Thanksgiving.

Come see Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Boot  at the Prickly Pear Gallery, Austin, TX
Reception Dec. 2nd
on display until Dec. 23rd

Friday, November 19, 2010

Window Shopping

Say Ahhh © 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
12 x 12 oil on canvas

Now that I've been painting shoes, wherever I go I see shoes, they catch my attention all the time.  I saw these little beauties in a store window on Newbury Street in Boston.  My husband and I  went to  New England this fall to see the leaves and somehow I found myself shopping, go figure.Wonderful, wonderful shopping, I digress... There they were staring at me with their tongues hanging out like they were all saying ahhh for the doctor. I just had to paint them. You understand don't you?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oldies but Goodies

   Always in Vogue © 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
16 x 20 oil on canvas

I love watching the old black and white movies from the 30's and 40's. There is nothing better to do on a rainy day than curl up with a blankie, turn on the movie channel and take in an oldie. I love the glamorous  clothes and shoes and the happy endings. These shoes remind me of those days and  these wonderful shoes are actually mine this time.  I feel like a million bucks when I wear them, but it's just not everyday I'm sporting 5" heels. (Yeah, no, I don't wear them to paint in) They remind me of the old glamor days of Hollywood, so to get just a little more use out of them I thought they could pose with this wonderful book of portraits by the famous photographer Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann. I hope Horst would approve.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Week in Review

You Looking at Me?
6 x 6 oil on board
This is the second  painting I did in my Karen Jurick's painting workshop. She emphasized to paint what you like the most about your photograph. Well this little dog certainly caught my attention and I sooo didn't want to paint the owners face. 

Over Where?
8 x 5 oil on board
#3   People! Oh boy! Very scary for me. Here's my theory. Do what the teacher does, there is a reason she is a successful selling artist.  I didn't pay money to do in class what I normally do at home. She paints on board, I painted on board; she paints small, I'll painted small; she paints people, I'll give people the ole' college try.

8x 6 oil on board
#4, this one I tried a figure and a face, very very scary.  I love the way Karen captures the body expressions in her paintings, here's my attempt at that.  She also paints on a black toned board, I do like the way the black peaks through the green grass. I do intend to go back to my normal subject matter, but hopefully I can successfully integrate some of what I learned.

Monday, November 8, 2010

You'all Look Back Now, Hear?

10 x 8, oil on board
This was one of my class studies, it was a piece Karen has in the Morris & Whiteside Galleries on Hilton Head Island. She said she learned a lot from this piece, so the first day of class we all gave it a whirl.

I'm  fresh back from a painting workshop with my painting idol, Karen Jurick.  If you haven't seen her paintings, when you are finished reading, click back on her name and check them out.  They are all such little jewels. Each one oozing with incredible personality.  Just like Karen, hmm... interesting how that works, isn't it? 

Looking back at the week, I learned so much, but I have to say the biggest lesson was: don't worry about rules, let go and free yourself of what "they" say you should do or not do. She paints from pictures she takes ("they" say this is wrong, ha!) and demonstrated over and over again that you can take a mediocre snapshot and turn it into something fabulous. Be creative with your color and if you don't like something in the picture-change it! Yeah, I know, duh, but sometimes one has to hear something over and over again until one actually really hears it and takes it in.

As you probably already know, one of the great benefits about going to workshops is all the great people you meet.  This Yankee from Wisconsin was in a room with southern bells and their amazing accents. I've never heard so many you'alls in one week-what a riot! See us all oogling at our teacher while she demonstrates her techniques.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Golden Nugget

Spots of Gold © 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
12 x 12 Oil Painting on Canvas
It's as good as gold!. Remember my last post when I decided to start my day the happy way as per Dr. Joe Dispenza. Well, this is what happened the second day after I started my new morning practice.
As part of my morning intending, I added a little bonus for myself. I intended, beside the beautiful way my day would unfold, that I would receive a happy surprise...a golden nugget. Then I added that when the surprise unveils itself to me, that I would be fully aware that I received my happy surprise, which would then make me all the happier. That afternoon when I was standing at the sink having my afternoon snack my cell phone rang.  I did not recognize the number and answered it to find out I had gotten into a photoshop class I was wanting to take.  I had called two weeks prior to find out the class was full, I was bummed but requested to be put on the waiting list. She agreed but said it was unlikely that I would get in because there were all ready many names on the waiting list.
I was then standing at my sink with this big huge grin because I knew I had just received my happy surprise. As Joe says
" (it) gives me the power and the incentive to do it the next day." time I think I'll create my day with me winning the Texas Lotto! how 'bout you, how are you going to create your day?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Creating Your Day the Happy Way

Wedges with an Edge © 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
12 x 12 Oil Painting on Canvas

Last time I wrote, I left you with my strategy of not starting your day with getting on the computer, which got me to thinking.  What would be a great way to start my day?  Well I got my answer today, just popped into the old' noggin. Love when that happens. Ask a question and Voilà, get the answer. It was something I had been doing, but kinda forgot about.

I can't claim it as my idea, it comes from the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? So many great concepts in that movie, but one that stands out in my mind is Dr. Joe Dispenza relating how he starts his day. Here is a little part of it: 
"I wake up in the morning, and I consciously create my day the way I want it to happen. Now, sometimes, because my mind is examining all the things that I need to get done, it takes me a little bit to settle down, and get to the point, of where I'm actually intentionally creating my day. But here's the thing."
"When I create my day, and out of nowhere, little things happen that are so unexplainable, I know that they are the process or the result of my creation. And the more I do that, the more I build a neural net, in my brain, that I accept that that's possible. Gives me the power and the incentive to do it the next day."
That is part of the quote that was in the movie. I have my own version. It is really fun to play with this concept and it's quite magical. If you don't have your own version you can download Joe's version  here. I will often create my day the night before, right before I go to sleep. Try it Mikey, you might like it. I know, I know I'm dating myself.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Can Get Really Windy Down There

  Cowboy Chic
14 x 18 oil on canvas

Changing habits is not for the faint of heart. I think it all boils down to how bad do you want it,. Do you have complete clarity that you want what you want? Make sense? Clear as mud, isn't it? 

As I am craving more time for the business side of art, I had the realization I needed to find more time in my day.  I will not sacrifice the painting time, noooooooo, that's not negotiable. So that left the other parts of the day. After observing myself and my habits for the last couple of weeks, I found one huge time waster. Drum roll please.....the black hole of the computer, huge time suck. I bet you can hear the swirling sound of the wind as you are sucked in.

Now spending time on the computer can be very beneficial. You can learn things. You can learn about some great marketing tools. You can find websites to post your art on.  You can find groups that share your interests. You can learn what Mary Sue did yesterday. You can see pictures of your class from your high school days. You can be entertained by watching strange videos of dogs dancing. You can find.....See how it just gets windier and windier?

My tips for not allowing the computer to suck you down into the black hole are: 1) Don't get on your computer first thing in the morning. Do all the other things first  2) then set a time limit for computer tasks.  15 minutes for checking and responding to email, 15 minutes for surfing and Facebook, etc. I know that computer surfing can be a great procrastination tool, yes, I would rather be watching the dogs dancing then writing an artist statement, but then I  think back to how bad do I want what I want.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Days

Simply Slings
8 x 10 oil on canvas

Did you ever have one of those days when you were just happy, happy for no apparent reason? I had one of those days. How wonderful. The trees looked greener, the sky bluer, my kitty cuter ( yeah, I know, it just doesn't seem possible) even the grocery store felt like a fabulous place. For a fleeting moment I thought maybe I should figure out why I was happy, but I quickly stopped myself.  I didn't want too much thinking to make my happy state go - poof.  I finished this little painting and started on another.  Oh, happy days...

This painting will be included in the Arist of Texas-Fall Show at The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Reception in November 6th, 2010 show will go through Jan 3rd, 20100
for purchasing information go to

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I Do
12 x 24 oil on canvas

This painting just had to have the title of "I Do" since these are the shoes that I was wearing when I said, I do. It was a beautiful sunny day in Del Mar, CA.  The skies were crystal clear blue and they made the water of the Pacific just sparkle. As Cinderella said

"The right shoes can change your life."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole and Back

Spots of Affection
10 x 8 oil on canvas

What do money and success have to do with habit changing you ask. Well maybe you haven't been asking, but I have.  You see I'm a very methodical person in some respects, not all respects (don't want to hear from the peanut gallery-you know who you are).  In my unconscious I believe there is a step by step process to most anything and one must not skip the steps.  So I've undergone this attempt at changing my bad habits. It is my underling belief that if I change my bad habits, as in stop wasting time and doing those  things that make me less efficient- I will get more done. If I get more done than and I will be more productive and then maybe I will be more successful.

I had the experience this last week of trying to change those habits and then finding myself hitting up against my blockers. So my little methodical methods popped up again. Remove the blockers so that you can change your habit, so you can be more effective and productive and then be more successful. When drilling down into this rabbit hole I had a big aha.  Way down deep, under layers of stuff, I have the  kernel of belief that I'm not good  enough. I say kernel because this is something I had done lots of work on, but there is still this itty-bitty, teeny-weeny seed that is still ruling the roost. Then I saw how intricately woven that belief is in my thought process. I'm not good enough at time management, I'm not good enough at changing my habits, I'm not good enough at being productive, you get the gist, don't ya.

Awareness is such a powerful anti-oxidant isn't it? Changing my thinking to: I am good enough allows me to be in a much more positive state and when I'm in a more positive state there is unlimited possibilities.

This painting will be included in the Arist of Texas-Fall Show at The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Reception in November 6th, 2010 show will go through Jan 3rd, 20100
for purchasing information go to

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Afternoon Glow
 oil on canvas

Okay, I already have to say, whew this habit changing goal is kicking my butt.  If you recall in my last post, I shared with you that I was going to spend more time on the business of art. To fit that into my daily life, I needed to make changes regarding how I was going to spend my time.  I saw this as a big chance to create new habits and get rid of some old time wasting habits. Well, here is where it got interesting, instead of plowing ahead on the ole change-a-roo of  my habits, making me a time efficient machine--my time efficiency got worse. UGH double UGH

Here is my explanation of what happened.  The little gremlin guys all got together and had a summit  They all decided they liked how things were so we'll show her, we will dig in our heals and make it worse.  They figured this strategy would coerce me into going back to the status quo. I'm definitely going to dig deeper and see why these little gremlin guys are throwing up this blocker. However,  what I  know from being a Life Coach  is that blockers almost always appear when someone is attempting a change.  Won't those little guys be blind-sided when I figure this one out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Excited Anticipation

Sexy Shadows
12 x 12 oil on canvas

Since September is my anniversary month it seems very logical to embark on a new challenge. September also seems appropriate because this was the time of year I got my new box of Crayola crayons when I was in grade school. I loved the smell of the little sticks of wax when I cracked  open the fresh box.  The brand new box made me feel special and filled with excited anticipation of what great masterpiece I would create with my little friends.

I digress, so on to my new challenge... Now that the habit of painting (almost daily) is firmly established(whew, you'all knew what that took) I intend to form a new habit.  The habit of spending 60% of my time creating and 40% on the business of art.  "They" say any business owner should spend an equal 50/50 split, but that feels just a little heavy to me. So 60/40 it is.

As this new concept has been forming in my mind, I have begun to realize my daily schedule has some bad habits deeply embedded in it, otherwise known as wasting time, ugh!. So those habits need to die, be murdered, put to rest, sent out to pasture, however you want to say it, and new habits formed in their place. I will be curious to see if I go through the same blockers ( described in my last post) as I did when I was forming the habit of painting on a regular basis. I will keep you informed. Is there new habit you want to form? or old habit you want to get rid of? I'm just saying.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Magical Blessings

Seven Pairs of Utopia
20 x 16 oil on canvas

It's my anniversary! It seems so fitting that I'm posting a commission painting on this momentous day, it really helps tell the story of how far I have come in a year. Yep, that's right, one year ago I started this blog. I had decided to keep a blog after seeing the movie Julie & Julia.  As Julie committed to cooking over 500 recipes in a year, I committed to paint 100 paintings in a year. I stated in my first blog entry that part of my decision was based on the fact that I had heard many times that painting 100 paintings in a year is very magical and I wanted to find out about the magic part. 

Well, magic it has been. I had expected my painting skills to change but the other changes have been quite unexpected and yep, I have to say it, magical. 

First I'll share the effects on my painting. Speed- I have certainly sped up the process, what  used to take me 6-8 hours now takes me 3-4, not that I set out for that to happen it just did. Clarity- I have received more clarity, oh what a wondrous thing.  Those of you have spent time in limbo-land know what an amazing blessing clarity is. Style-this is not something I tried to make happen, it just happened. I'm sure this will evolve over time, but I can sense where I'm going.

The affects on my psyche has been  nothing short of amazing for me. As my first blog entry stated, I have been a bit of a commitment phobic in my life and I really thought that I would mainly share my struggles with committing. But it only plagued me for a couple months and then it went poof.  Then I moved unto the, oh so delightful, nasty gremlin voices.  Those voices didn't go poof in a few short months, but they did go.  The exodus of those voices seemed to go hand in hand with me getting better at following my heart. The louder the voice of my heart became the quieter the voice in my head became. With the commitment phobicness dissolved (when it comes to painting) and the voices silenced (or at least muffled) I'm able to enjoy a very peaceful happy state most of the time. Hmmf, who would of thunk it, all from deciding to paint 100 paintings and blog about it.

I have to confess, I did not complete all 100, but it just doesn't matter, it got me painting on an almost daily basis and I received so many magical blessings in return. Another of those blessings is the above commission from a self-diagnosed shoe-aholic, her friends call her the 'shoe goddess' and her closet the 'shoe alter'.

I highly recommend finding your own thing to commit to, then observe yourself going through it, it is quite fascinating and quite rewarding. Let's have a drink and toast to the next year, shall we?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Singing Aloud

Cheerful Chirper
12 x 12 oil on canvas

Well hello there all you other followers of Amy's Art Blog. Hmmm, so why would Amy start off like that you
might be  thinking.  Well, this isn't Amy. (Could you tell by the handwriting?) This is Amy's "first ever" (hopefully not last) Guest Blogger.  Yep, cool idea huh? Guest Blogger. Hope you still feel that way in a few minutes. 

Who is it you might ask am I? Well, Amy searched far and wide for her biggest fan....would it be her most frequent commenter? Would it be her most vocal fan?  Would it be her little Muse Sophie or the largest owner of Amy's Art?  Give up?'s the hubby...Bob.  Hi there.  Thank you for indulging me a little.

Here is the thing I want to share...I am so happy when Amy paints.  I can tell in her voice, when I call from work, when she is painting.  It does something to her.  I can see it when I get home...the bounce in her step, the smile on her face, the calmness over our home (of course her music selections make it obvious, too).

I love how Amy has found something so rewarding, so joyful, so internally fulfilling.  Thank you all for your support, your kind posts, your motivation and your friendship.

Guest blogger signing off.....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Work in Progress

painting in progress

This is just a small piece of a larger painting I am creating for a commission piece. What a journey this piece has been and I can't wait to show it to you.  I have to tell you something very exciting, but I have to start in the beginning.  In the beginning of this blogging/painting journey I really had to wrestle with my gremlins (nasty little voices with very negative unpleasant commentary) every time I put brush to canvas they would start in on me.  If you been following with me on this journey I wrote about it over and over again.  Those little gremlins are quite creative little buggers, I'll give 'em that.  Trying this angle or that angle trying to get me to put that brush down and trying to make me feel like s__t.

But alas, I persevered and just kept painting!! I noticed today they are rather silent and as I thought about it, I realized they have been silent for quite a while.  I have been totally absorbed in the act of painting and being totally present in the now of it all. It is a very wonderful place to be. I'm not quite sure how I did it, but I know it involved lots of doing without a lot of thinking.  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Go-to Toy

Playtime with Penny
16 x 20 oil on canvas

Meet Penny and her Piney, which is Penny's favorite toy.  Piney is short for Pineapplesauras and if your not familiar with that critter it is a cross between a pineapple and a styracosaurus(dinosaurs). At one time Piney's parents spied this  mail order toy on the side of a pineapple can and thought it was just the thing for their favorite girl.  Long story short, this is Penny's go-to toy. See her happy little expression, that's pure passion,

Penny's go-to toy makes me wander into my childhood and wonder what was my go-to toy. 

For the past several years I was in this horrible limbo, maybe you know it, what do I want to do when I grow up limbo. I searched, I pondered, I requested and I even took tests and classes.  During my wandering years I had purchased Cheryl Richardson's self-care cards.  A beautiful deck of cards with thought provoking topics. Each morning I would draw a card for my daily inspiration.  I repeatedly, I mean repeatedly, would draw the Passion card which read "Resurrect a childhood dream, let your passion take flight". Each time I drew that card I would scratch my head and wondered what could that possibly be; I was totally blank.

So as things usually work for me, I figured it out later, much later.  My Angels really had to hit me over the head with this one.  My go-to toy was crayons, I would sit for hours and color pictures and not realize time had gone by, it was my play, it was my passion. What is your go-to toy?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Book Mobile Fairies

24 x 30 oil on canvas
"Pipers Posing"

painting in progress

Last weekend I took a two day painting workshop called Painting Large at Austin Museum of Art.  I wanted to stretch myself since lately I've been painting pretty small pieces. The intention I had going into the weekend was: the class is for learning, check all judgements at the door.  Sounds good right?  Well try to tell my little gremlins that, ha! So instead of relaxing and being filled with excitement the voices started, you know the voices, right?  There is no need to go into  the rubbish that they were babbling about, is there?  But then I  thought about the book mobile.

When I was a little girl there was a mobile library that would be parked every Thursday near our home.  I would go home loaded up with books from the book mobile.  The stories I was always attracted to included fairies and brownies and all things magical.  I loved to immerse myself into the fantasies; my imagination would go wild.  (My Dad still tells me to this day I have an active imagination)(don't think he means it as a compliment, LOL)

Anyhoo, on the way to the Painting Large class I pretended in my mind I was really good at painting big paintings just like I pretended I was in the fairy tales.  I arrived with quite the positive attitude and the class went swimmingly.  I liked what I ended up with and finished the painting in one day.  What a difference a little imagination does for the Psychie.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orange A'peel

12 x 12 oil on canvas

I have something exciting to share with you...can you guess?  No it's not about my art reception last Sunday,
 no it's not about my art workshop that I had on Saturday (will post pictures soon) and no it's not about the art reception at Max's Wine Bar.  I'm moving to Bora Bora, I'll be living in a hut over the water, painting island flip flops, just kidding, ha, did I get you?

My exciting news is that my blog is moving to a new home, yep it's moving to Bora Bora or I guess I mean Wordpress. Yep, you heard it here first. I love all of you following me, it is so wonderful to get comments (you know us bloggers, we live for comments) thank you, thank you very much.   I wanted to give you a heads up because I would love for you to come over and sign up to receive my post in your email box or google reader or rss feed or you get the picture.  It will be soon so stay tuned...

Monday, July 12, 2010

When it rains it pours, isn't that always the way?  I have so many fun things to post, but today the post is about tonight.  Two of my shoe paintings were accepted into a local show at a fun downtown Austin hot spot.  To kick off the exhibit (no pun intended, you know, shoes) the organizer organized (don't you love organized organizer) a fashion show to not only show off the 2D art but also highlight some of the great Austin clothes designers. If you live local please come and play and if you live far far away send some happy vibes.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spot On

8 x 10 oil on canvas

When to wipe and when to not wipe, that is the question.  Even though this painting looks pretty straight forward it was a bear, the spots really gave me fits. I so wanted to do the ole' wipe-a-roo after about 2 hours.  I remembered the advice my mother used to give me when I was little and I couldn't figure out my homework, she'd say, "just let it be and come back later and try again".  I stopped for the day and revisited it the next. Isn't it amazing how spot on Mom's are?

  These delightful flats are another pair from the collection of my neighbor, Jill Stachura.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Point of View

16 x 20 oil on canvas

Have you seen or heard of the TV show Work of Art-The Next Great Artist? I hadn't, but my helpful husband found it for me and started recording it for me. Wasn't that nice, now getting him to watch with me is another story.  It is on Wednesday nights on the Bravo channel. Okay first, an interesting little tid-bit the Executive Producer is Sarah Jessica Parker. It follows the next greatest _______ (you can fill in blank, model, singer, comedian, design star etc.) format. The contestants are given a task with a short little time to complete it in.

As an artist, the interesting factors for me are: 1) how each artist interpreted the assignment and 2) what the judges say about the finished pieces.  On the episode I watched they were given the assignment of creating a portrait of one of their fellow artists. A few of the artist produced a total abstract painting of their subject; stating that they were capturing the essence of the person.  I was so interested how these highly esteemed New York City judges would critique these portraits.  So often I have my self-doubts, feeling I am so conventional, lacking an semblance, of avante'gardness in my creative bones.

The judges final assessment of the artist's work singled out these artists that created the abstracts (versus a true portrait) and scored them lowest in the group and in fact eliminated one of them. Wow, I actually agreed with the judges, hmmm. Looking forward to the next episodes. Would love to hear what you think...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shoes Get Religion

This is an invite to a current show my good friend Debbi  and I have going on right now.  I love the name we came up with if I do say so myself.  I have many of my inside subjects like shoes and chairs and Debbi has her outside subject matter of luscious landscapes and also some inside juicy still lifes. As you can see there is a reception on the 11th of July, please come by if you live 'round these parts. The church is located in northwest Austin, 8001 Mesa Drive.

And...I am so excited to tell you I sold three shoe paintings the day the exhibit was installed.