Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bernie goes Green

8 x 10 Oil Painting

Not sure what kind of dog this is, maybe he is a mut, but boy he is cute. Would love to have a little cutie like this, but don't know what my little assistant would say about that.
 In the back of my mind I still have the commitment that I am going to paint 100 paintings by September.  My Christmas break was quite long, I didn't intend to take a break at all, it just happened. I have to say I did have the passing thought well maybe that was a silly commitment.  Those little voices are so cleaver aren't they. So anyway the commitment is in the back of my mind and I feel it caused me to rush through this painting. Needless to say it did not turn out the way I saw it in my mind. Well, "they" say that awareness is the biggest step, right? So now I am aware and the plan for tomorrow is to STOP IT, good plan, right?


  1. This is a great little painting. his grays are well done. I really like the way the front of the pillow is more detailed than the back. Your commitment was not silly, you just got sidetracked. Keep going, and do as many of the 100 as you can and congratulate and encourage yourself for what you do, don't worry about what you don't do.

  2. Amy,this is a sweet, beautifully done, painting!
    Please, do not be so hard on yourself. We are all doing the best we can, and you're doing great!

  3. Thank you,Pam and Nancy, for the comments and encouragements . It is interesting to have mirrored back to myself that I'm being hard on myself. Onward and forward, thanks

  4. Good plan! He is so sweet! And you can DEFINITELY finish the 100 by Sept! You GO!