Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clear Illumination

20 x 16 Oil on Canvas

Remember the black hole discussion (see last Wednesday's post), Side Stepping, well it has really been quite, dare I say it, illuminating,  ...yes I did, I really did say illuminating, but it really has. I have surprised myself because it has been easier than I thought it would be.  How many times do I need to have the lesson shown to me that the anticipation of something is always worse than the actual moment. Oh boy did I dread going through all the stuff in my office, but now it has become a little sport for me.  So the whole point of this purging exercise was to free up some creative space in the ole' noggin, I do think this is working because I was driving down the road today and I had a great idea for some paintings, cool huh? Thank you Marisa. 


  1. Amy, One more beautiful painting! Congrats! I was so inspired by your last post, that I signed up for the online course. Looking forward to getting started next week1 I hope that I have the same good results that you did!

  2. Just radiant! Love the color palette - very soothing and so fits the mood. Perfect for "Inside / Outside" though I'm enjoying still life works myself. So glad you got past your fear. Want to come unpack the last 4 boxes in my studio. I just don't have a plan for all the memorabilia and old picture frames. What do we do with that stuff - just repack and put in the attic?
    Gorgeous painting. Very illuminating! xoxo

  3. Wow. Just .... WOW. Amazing job on the glass! Radiant is a good word for it, thank you Debbi! When you're done with your office I have a room for you...