Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wrapped Up Tight

18 x 14 Oil on Canvas

I used to live right on the beach in beautiful Del Mar, CA.   There were small propeller airplanes that used to fly by with banners attached to their tales advertising this or that. They were far enough away that you couldn't hear the plane noise above the surf, but you could sense it and when you looked up it was hard not to miss the message.  Well this week I had a banner flying around in my head. It wasn't loud, but I definitely could sense it and every now and then I would plainly hear it's message. My little banner message was about different ways to achieve a goal (a) all stressed out with a lot of tension or (b) with joy, enthusiasm and excitement.  At times I forget that I have a choice, because I get all wrapped in striving for the goal and I opt into old habits. I have found out from past experience acheiving a goal in this manner is anti-climatic; I may have achieved the goal, but it was hell getting thank youuuuu.   So, I plan to take my little airplane message and choose differently this coming week. You'all can borrow my plane if you like.


  1. I would LOVE to borrow your plane! I really need to breathe. Hoping it can happen soon. I love this painting, and the composition is fantastic. Where's Sophie?

  2. Love this image of a plane with a positive banner like that! (and I'm thinking what a lovely painting that would be - I can't help it) I think that yes, I would love to borrow that plane! Nice to "meet" you. Fellow Fishie

  3. Wow, Amy - I am so impressed with your paintings! Very inspiring. I am a fellow fishy, and looking forward to getting to know you : )


  4. Hello! We are in the fish bowl e-course together. I wanted to drop by and check out your site. I love it here! You have some cool things going on! Take care and keep on creating!!! We are all on a creative journey that is still yet unwritten...hang on it is going to be a FUN ride - PS: last year, I went to San Diego to do the 3Day walk. I loved it there. You were so lucky to have lived in Del Mar (oohh la la) C-ya in class - Kim

  5. Hello from a Fellow Fishie. Getting to know my bowl mates!

  6. HI from the fishbowl and I like this post.

    Thank you for sharing. I also get lost on which goal I want to concentrate on (I have a lot of things I enjoy doing and promoting myself with any of these is a very strong weakness of mine.)

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.