Sunday, March 21, 2010

Right Move

8 x 10 Oil on Canvas

I had a big discovery in the last couple weeks and it all started with trying to get myself organized.  Let me start at the beginning of the tale.  I'm taking a class from Alyson Stanfield author of a great book every artist should own called I'd Rather Be in the Studio. The name of the class is called Go, Get Organized Now.  Whew, it is quite intense!  One of our assignments was to take all your seperate to do lists and put them all in one spot and Alyson highly recommends using a To Do List on your computer. I'm using the task list that comes with Microsoft Outlook, it  is really groovey, anyhoo...

 My old way of being organized was having seperate lists for the different parts of my life and a big whoppin list stored up in the ole' noggin.   So now my big To Do List is all in one place staring me in the face.  Here's the big discovery--'everything else' came first in my life...before painting. The painting and self promotion was always pushed to the back burner after I got all the other stuff on my To Do List  done.  The really sad part of it all was/is that painting is probably my favorite thing to do and I put it last.  They say awareness is the first part of change. I am so glad I have become aware.  My question to you  is: does your favorite, funest, most enjoyable activity come last?  Hope not.


  1. Great idea! Think I will start doing a combined to do list!!! Thanks for the tip and the lovely painting! Glad we got to catch up today - way overdo!
    Looks like you are ready for summer! Me too.

  2. Silly girl... for me HOUSEWORK comes last! :) That's the only think I do right! I love this idea of the conentrated to-do list - I hope you don't mind if I refer to it on MY blog (with a link to you of course). Maybe I'll get some of my non-panting goals realized! Thank you!

    Love the composition in this painting. Just simple - but not! LOVE them!

  3. Another great pair of shoes! My to do list fluctuates. Often painting is at the top, but not always. This month we're remodeling 2 bathrooms, and the painting to dos keep moving down on the list!