Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Girl Shoes

8 x 16 Oil on Canvas

Did your parents make you eat your vegtables, did you rebel?  Last week I was having one of those weeks when I had not done much painting, if any at all.   Why is it that the thing I want to do; I don't do? So I had a little pow-wow with myself.  Amazing what you can find out when you check in.

I figured out it all goes back to not wanting to eat my vegetables, not wanting to clean my room, not wanting to do "whatever" it was my parents wanted me to do. That was over 35 years ago, but that little rebel was still alive and well and still kicking. It was the unconscious instinct to rebel against whatever I was  being told to do, never mind it was ME telling me what to do.

So I decided then and there I was going to change this up a bit, put a new song on my i-pod. So here's my new plan.  Right after my 10 year old plays her little rebellion game, the adult Amy will remind her she wants to do it and how much she enjoys doing it.  I see it as the difference between feeling forced or pushed and feeling joyously pulled. I still hate rutabaga, but this week I had no trouble bringing myself to the easel.


  1. Just slack-jawed that you own THREE pair of white heels!!!! ;)
    Yeah, that ol' rebellion thing... I hear you. I'm like that with deadlines. Right NOW I have a board all set to paint at the easel, the subject lit and arranged... and I'm here. Seeing what other artists are doing. HelLO? Love the composition. Speaking of someone who can paint anything... it's YOU!

  2. Love this painting! Can see it hanging in one of those luxurious master suites on the way to the enormous closet where there's an equally amazing shoe collection. You are doing some really wonderful work that is so uniquely you!! You go girl!!!

  3. It's a marvelous painting. Glad you made it to the easel to complete it!

    If it makes you feel any better, I think getting to the easel can be hard for lots of us... for lots of reasons. My 'reason' is often, "Oh, but I just need to get these non-essential items out of the way..." (bills, chores, client work, errands, email)and then the whole day is shot.

    I find my best bet is to get up early and move directly to the easel. If I can put in an hour or two, I've made progress, and it's often easier to stay there/ go back a little later.

  4. Amy, your shoe-scapes are the best! This one is gorgeous! Thanks always for your inspirational messages!