Saturday, June 19, 2010


16 x 12 oil on canvas

I bet you're thinking I'm an Imelda Marcos, no I don't own 2700 pair of shoes. I wish.

My last post "What Would Angels Wear?" was the last of my sister's shoes that I had scavenged from her suitcase on her recent visit. So I went and scavanged my neighbors closets. To let you know, I did  ask permission first.  I sent an email to see if I could borrow their shoes.  I would love to know what some of them thought about that request.  Maybe something like "this is a very weird individual" or "maybe she has a shoe fetish" or "I hope they don't smell too bad" or "I wonder if she'll wear them" or, well, you get the picture. 

I did actually receive some invites into some closets as a result of the email, goodie for me. This is the first on the series of my neighbor shoes.  These sassy gladiators were volunteered by wonderful neighbor Jill Stachura. More to come.


  1. Love the sissy gladiators and the idea of a neighbor's shoes series. I think that's a first! Since summer is the time of weddings, maybe a bridal series (the "after I do" shoes) are next?
    Glad you are having fun and love your work.

  2. I love all these recent shoe paintings. Great shadows and compositions.