Friday, June 25, 2010

Sophie's Choice

8 x 10 oil on canvas

By now you know I like to call animals-- critters, it is a very loving term in my mind.  I really do say thank you to God on almost a daily basis for my little critter Sophie.  She is my constant companion. She helps me do almost everything. Recently I sent a "call for entry" for shoes to my neighbors and  then to get those shoes back promptly to their owners. I spent a big block of time posing them and photographing them.

And you know who helped me-yep that's right Sophie. I knew my husband wouldn't believe me and maybe you guys wouldn't believe me so I have proof.  See the pics below and my photo assistants input:

                                            "I think we should move the lights a little"

                                                                      "let me check the angle"           

"OK Mom,  I think we've got it!


  1. What a cute constant companion you have!! And so on target with her lighting judgement!! Beautiful painting too! Soon, shoe makers will be sending you their latest creations to paint!! xoxo

  2. Brilliant. Talented. Insightful. Oh, and you've got a lot going for you TOO, Amy! Love these shoes!~

  3. What a dedicated and helpful art director. Delightful post!

  4. Love your assistant - she has an "eye!" I think I am going to have to have that picture...I got the overwhelming feeling of being a ballerina!

  5. Amy, I love your shoe paintings! They are brilliant. Also, love seeing Sophie, what an adorable kitty!