Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Choose

12 x 12 oil on canvas

I had this really strange phenomenon the other day. I did not want to paint and it felt like I never wanted to paint again, like never.  It kinda' scared me, never paint again, really?  Of course I did a little navel gazing to figure this one out. I asked self what is it that your trying to tell me. And self actually answered back           
                                                                      B A  L A N C E. 

I had been painting for many many days straight and doing all other things related to painting. It gets confusing when to push through moments of procrastination and when to listen to your own inner wisdom. This time I chose to listen. I needed to do something different. So my Honey and I went on a little day trip traveling through Texas hill country, aah it was nice, just what the navel ordered.

As you can see I got back in the saddle. These wonderful shoe models were courtesy of my sweet neighbor Carol Curcuruto.


  1. It's always good to listen to your navel!!

  2. This must have been what you needed! These look wonderful!

  3. These are great Amy - so glad you are back in the saddle... balanced and back. :)