Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Go-to Toy

Playtime with Penny
16 x 20 oil on canvas

Meet Penny and her Piney, which is Penny's favorite toy.  Piney is short for Pineapplesauras and if your not familiar with that critter it is a cross between a pineapple and a styracosaurus(dinosaurs). At one time Piney's parents spied this  mail order toy on the side of a pineapple can and thought it was just the thing for their favorite girl.  Long story short, this is Penny's go-to toy. See her happy little expression, that's pure passion,

Penny's go-to toy makes me wander into my childhood and wonder what was my go-to toy. 

For the past several years I was in this horrible limbo, maybe you know it, what do I want to do when I grow up limbo. I searched, I pondered, I requested and I even took tests and classes.  During my wandering years I had purchased Cheryl Richardson's self-care cards.  A beautiful deck of cards with thought provoking topics. Each morning I would draw a card for my daily inspiration.  I repeatedly, I mean repeatedly, would draw the Passion card which read "Resurrect a childhood dream, let your passion take flight". Each time I drew that card I would scratch my head and wondered what could that possibly be; I was totally blank.

So as things usually work for me, I figured it out later, much later.  My Angels really had to hit me over the head with this one.  My go-to toy was crayons, I would sit for hours and color pictures and not realize time had gone by, it was my play, it was my passion. What is your go-to toy?


  1. Great blog great story and to cap it all I love the painting.

  2. Wonderful painting, and wonderful story! Amy, thanks so much for including these personal messages in your blog. They are fun to read, and always tie in so well with your great artwork!

  3. I love Boston Terriers! And how adorable...with her little toy...

    My go-to toys were
    1)books, any books
    2)crayons and paper
    3)my dog knick-knack collection
    4)any of my tiny cowboys & horses

  4. I wonder how many artist had crayons and paper as their favorite toy.