Saturday, August 21, 2010

Singing Aloud

Cheerful Chirper
12 x 12 oil on canvas

Well hello there all you other followers of Amy's Art Blog. Hmmm, so why would Amy start off like that you
might be  thinking.  Well, this isn't Amy. (Could you tell by the handwriting?) This is Amy's "first ever" (hopefully not last) Guest Blogger.  Yep, cool idea huh? Guest Blogger. Hope you still feel that way in a few minutes. 

Who is it you might ask am I? Well, Amy searched far and wide for her biggest fan....would it be her most frequent commenter? Would it be her most vocal fan?  Would it be her little Muse Sophie or the largest owner of Amy's Art?  Give up?'s the hubby...Bob.  Hi there.  Thank you for indulging me a little.

Here is the thing I want to share...I am so happy when Amy paints.  I can tell in her voice, when I call from work, when she is painting.  It does something to her.  I can see it when I get home...the bounce in her step, the smile on her face, the calmness over our home (of course her music selections make it obvious, too).

I love how Amy has found something so rewarding, so joyful, so internally fulfilling.  Thank you all for your support, your kind posts, your motivation and your friendship.

Guest blogger signing off.....


  1. Bob, what a terrific husband you are! Amy is lucky to have you , and you are lucky to have Amy!
    I met you in Jan. 2010,in Austin, and you seem like a wonderful couple!I love seeing this! Best wishes to you both for lots of happiness! Also this is a lovely painting!

  2. OMG! Best Guest Blogger Ever!!!!
    Yes, it's obvious to all of us here in the blogsphere that Amy should be painting! Her paintings express joy and her unique voice.
    Thank you for weighing in, and supporting her work!

  3. HI Bob - I mean Amy's guest blogger! We are all happy for Amy too! And her work is fabulous. Love this bird painting - it looks even more brilliant in person. So nice to have one of our supportive husband's taking part in the conversation. We appreciate you all! xoxo

  4. Hey Bob, Welcome. How wonderfully and openly supportive. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us a little!