Sunday, September 19, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole and Back

Spots of Affection
10 x 8 oil on canvas

What do money and success have to do with habit changing you ask. Well maybe you haven't been asking, but I have.  You see I'm a very methodical person in some respects, not all respects (don't want to hear from the peanut gallery-you know who you are).  In my unconscious I believe there is a step by step process to most anything and one must not skip the steps.  So I've undergone this attempt at changing my bad habits. It is my underling belief that if I change my bad habits, as in stop wasting time and doing those  things that make me less efficient- I will get more done. If I get more done than and I will be more productive and then maybe I will be more successful.

I had the experience this last week of trying to change those habits and then finding myself hitting up against my blockers. So my little methodical methods popped up again. Remove the blockers so that you can change your habit, so you can be more effective and productive and then be more successful. When drilling down into this rabbit hole I had a big aha.  Way down deep, under layers of stuff, I have the  kernel of belief that I'm not good  enough. I say kernel because this is something I had done lots of work on, but there is still this itty-bitty, teeny-weeny seed that is still ruling the roost. Then I saw how intricately woven that belief is in my thought process. I'm not good enough at time management, I'm not good enough at changing my habits, I'm not good enough at being productive, you get the gist, don't ya.

Awareness is such a powerful anti-oxidant isn't it? Changing my thinking to: I am good enough allows me to be in a much more positive state and when I'm in a more positive state there is unlimited possibilities.

This painting will be included in the Arist of Texas-Fall Show at The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Reception in November 6th, 2010 show will go through Jan 3rd, 20100
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  1. Great!! Love the softer edges of the shadows. Love the blues in the inside!

  2. Amy, you have such humor in your writing. And I love those shoes.

  3. You are most certainly, unequivocally, good enough as far as your art is concerned - so the BIGGEST hurdle is handled! You're very introspective and self critical - and I can't even understand how you get such clarity! These shoes are fantastic - you are the Queen of Composition!