Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Days

Simply Slings
8 x 10 oil on canvas

Did you ever have one of those days when you were just happy, happy for no apparent reason? I had one of those days. How wonderful. The trees looked greener, the sky bluer, my kitty cuter ( yeah, I know, it just doesn't seem possible) even the grocery store felt like a fabulous place. For a fleeting moment I thought maybe I should figure out why I was happy, but I quickly stopped myself.  I didn't want too much thinking to make my happy state go - poof.  I finished this little painting and started on another.  Oh, happy days...

This painting will be included in the Arist of Texas-Fall Show at The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Reception in November 6th, 2010 show will go through Jan 3rd, 20100
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  1. Oh, I LOOOVE days like that! I'm happy for you that you had one! And this little painting is just the perfect product of a perfect day!

  2. Hi I just found you. You surely found a way to deal with the female shoe fetish! I'm having fun scrolling through all your paintings.