Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Golden Nugget

Spots of Gold © 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
12 x 12 Oil Painting on Canvas
It's as good as gold!. Remember my last post when I decided to start my day the happy way as per Dr. Joe Dispenza. Well, this is what happened the second day after I started my new morning practice.
As part of my morning intending, I added a little bonus for myself. I intended, beside the beautiful way my day would unfold, that I would receive a happy surprise...a golden nugget. Then I added that when the surprise unveils itself to me, that I would be fully aware that I received my happy surprise, which would then make me all the happier. That afternoon when I was standing at the sink having my afternoon snack my cell phone rang.  I did not recognize the number and answered it to find out I had gotten into a photoshop class I was wanting to take.  I had called two weeks prior to find out the class was full, I was bummed but requested to be put on the waiting list. She agreed but said it was unlikely that I would get in because there were all ready many names on the waiting list.
I was then standing at my sink with this big huge grin because I knew I had just received my happy surprise. As Joe says
" (it) gives me the power and the incentive to do it the next day." time I think I'll create my day with me winning the Texas Lotto! how 'bout you, how are you going to create your day?


  1. It just goes to show you! Good for you! I could have used your Photoshop class this afternoon!!!! I think wishing for golden nuggets is a wonderful way to start your day. I'd like Grace. In every area of my life.
    AND those shoes are dancin' happy!

  2. I'm so enjoying your blogs, Amy! They keep me inspired as I continue promoting my poetry book, Sensual Sounds. Thanks!

  3. Amy, as always your posts are so inspiring, with wonderful painting, and wonderful ideas! I love this!