Thursday, November 25, 2010

Canvas Envy

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Boot
18 x 14 oil on canvas
© 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
I saw these lovelies at a local store and thought in that moment I just have to take a picture of boots. Then I went home and painted them and just as I had anticipated, they were incredibly fun to paint. As you know, I love to paint shoes and I love to paint critters. It was like having those two fun subjects in one. But then something unexpected happened. I had canvas envy. Yes, I was and am deeply envious of what is now on my canvas. I want these boots. Santa, do you read blogs? Maybe one of his elves reads blogs...
Have a Happy and Fuzzy Wuzzy Warm Thanksgiving.

Come see Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Boot  at the Prickly Pear Gallery, Austin, TX
Reception Dec. 2nd
on display until Dec. 23rd


  1. This is such a wonderful piece and it's also wonderful in person! Am sure Santa reads blogs.....he is a master of time and wishes you know. Hope you have had a wonderful day with your family!! xoxo

  2. Beautiful job, Amy! Love the way that you painted the fur! Stay warm! I bet those will be under tree on Christmas morning!

  3. Amy ..excellent work , lovely strong colors.