Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Week in Review

You Looking at Me?
6 x 6 oil on board
This is the second  painting I did in my Karen Jurick's painting workshop. She emphasized to paint what you like the most about your photograph. Well this little dog certainly caught my attention and I sooo didn't want to paint the owners face. 

Over Where?
8 x 5 oil on board
#3   People! Oh boy! Very scary for me. Here's my theory. Do what the teacher does, there is a reason she is a successful selling artist.  I didn't pay money to do in class what I normally do at home. She paints on board, I painted on board; she paints small, I'll painted small; she paints people, I'll give people the ole' college try.

8x 6 oil on board
#4, this one I tried a figure and a face, very very scary.  I love the way Karen captures the body expressions in her paintings, here's my attempt at that.  She also paints on a black toned board, I do like the way the black peaks through the green grass. I do intend to go back to my normal subject matter, but hopefully I can successfully integrate some of what I learned.


  1. Beautiful work, Amy. I especially love the one of the dog! So cute! I also love your attitude, that you take a workshop to, not do, the same thing that you are already doing. I also confused you blog with your website, both are fabulous!

  2. Amy, I totally agree with immersing into the complete method that the "oh so successful" artists have done- only way to learn. I liked the panels, black ground and the gorgeous colors! Karin's workshop with such a treat for me as a new artist. I love your paintings and especially love the golfer! Hmmmm, wonder why- You did a great job.

  3. What amazing work! New directions that you have executed beautifully!!! I see Karen was a big inspiration for you. Know you had a wonderful time!! Love your people. But knew you were good at figures when you did the painting of the Italian men. Congrats on all your exhibits and gallery associations!!!