Monday, November 8, 2010

You'all Look Back Now, Hear?

10 x 8, oil on board
This was one of my class studies, it was a piece Karen has in the Morris & Whiteside Galleries on Hilton Head Island. She said she learned a lot from this piece, so the first day of class we all gave it a whirl.

I'm  fresh back from a painting workshop with my painting idol, Karen Jurick.  If you haven't seen her paintings, when you are finished reading, click back on her name and check them out.  They are all such little jewels. Each one oozing with incredible personality.  Just like Karen, hmm... interesting how that works, isn't it? 

Looking back at the week, I learned so much, but I have to say the biggest lesson was: don't worry about rules, let go and free yourself of what "they" say you should do or not do. She paints from pictures she takes ("they" say this is wrong, ha!) and demonstrated over and over again that you can take a mediocre snapshot and turn it into something fabulous. Be creative with your color and if you don't like something in the picture-change it! Yeah, I know, duh, but sometimes one has to hear something over and over again until one actually really hears it and takes it in.

As you probably already know, one of the great benefits about going to workshops is all the great people you meet.  This Yankee from Wisconsin was in a room with southern bells and their amazing accents. I've never heard so many you'alls in one week-what a riot! See us all oogling at our teacher while she demonstrates her techniques.


  1. I, too, love karin Jurick's work. Her strong lights and darks captivate me. Can't wait to see how you incorporate this into your pieces.

  2. Amy, Ya'll come back down South again soon, ya hear! I had a great time too. I agree on the lesson of the should be what you want it to be. I put all my art "how to" books away, how about you?

  3. So fun looking at your blog. Seen it before but it has been a while. Keep up the great work. If you stay in Austin very long , you too may turn into a Southern Baelllle.

  4. Beautiful painting. Know you had a fabulous time. I call you Miss Amy for some reason, has a nice southern sound to it. :)

  5. Amy, y'all better start practicing that drawl . . . so you can use it when we get together again next year. What a blast we all had! Thanks for the great photos.

  6. Amy, Loved reading your take on what you learned. I was so lucky to get to be there with such a talented group and learn from all of you also. Karin was wonderful but each person there taught me something through the week and I loved it.
    I still say there were at least 2 other accents stronger than mine! Miss you all- take care!

  7. What an exciting experience!/Hilarious! Delightful! True!/wonderful stuff! thank you!

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