Monday, December 6, 2010

"Body Over Mind"

Lean on Me  © 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
18 x 14 oil on canvas
 I saw them standing there all cuddled up enjoying each others company and I quickly snapped a picture while they we're having their intimate moment. They look like such a good pair, rugged yet elegant, sassy yet serious. If I lived in snow country, I would definitely have to adopt these boots. I would just hate to separate these two. Ya know?

For some reason, this time between Thanksgiving and New Year's, I have a hard time thinking about painting.  My mind is busy with all these things I "need" to do,. Whether it's planning or cooking or buying or attending or.....   And despite all this, my body, not my mind, pulls me into the painting studio.  I thought about this somewhat mysterious phenomenon, and the words that popped into my head was muscle memory. This is  how Wikipedia defines it: 

"When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task; eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. This process decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems."

I know this doesn't exactly fit the definition, but  this is what it felt like inside me. So even though my mind has been busy with all the holiday stuff, my habit of painting everyday just pulled me right into the studio.  Oh how happy it makes me. The smell of the oil paints, the way the paint feels when you mix it, the zoning out...maybe that's the best part of it all.  Just me and the painting and the present moment.


  1. This is so nice Amy. Great job with the shadows on the boots. The red strings make them mighty snazzy. Glad you are finding some time to paint.
    Really hard this time of year.

  2. Fabulous!!! You captured the detail and the spirit of adventure!

  3. Wait... I posted on this painting not once, but TWICE!!! It's wonderful! What a tough subject - white boots on a white background - and you did a fabulous job!

  4. I really LOVE this one! Just fabulous!