Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Doing What I Love, Loving What I'm Doing

Be Mine Feline © 2011 Amy Hillenbrand
10 x 8 oil on board

I love critters, I love painting, I love painting critters and I love helping others. I love the idea of helping others by doing what I love to do. Being part of the Help Japan Challenge Auction is such a direct fulfillment of that idea.
I can still see imagines in my mind of hundreds of homes being forcefully  ravaged by the waters. The wonderful folks behind Daily Paintworks were inspired to create this thoughtful way for me and my fellow artists to lend a helping hand to the people of Japan who have lost their homes and more. When you or someone you loves (because you send them this link)(hint) (hint) buys this happy little painting,  I will  donate the proceeds of my auction to The Japanese Red Cross Society.  Just click here to bid to be a part of it all.


  1. Beautiful- love the perspective and her eyes are fabulous!

  2. Sweet picture. The angle is great. Your own kitty?

  3. Amy this is just darling. Love "Be Mine Feline". Your paintings are lovely.

  4. Wow, very inspiring work you have here! I look forward to seeing more.

  5. that's a fabulous painting and the folks behind DPW are angels to do what they're doing for Japan.