Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monet's Blues

Monet's Blues © 2011 Amy Hillenbrand
  24 x 12 Oil on board
$615.00 + shipping 
I stumbled across these blue rubber boots doing something I love to do. I love looking at decorated show homes. I snapped this picture in the mud room of the $2.8 million house. As I was painting this, I got a little worried about not having any complimentary colors in it. I had this terrible little voice saying well you should use this color and you should use that color.  Yes, I know I shouldn't should on myself and I almost succumb to my own evil "should" voice, but then... Then I had this wonderful thought pass through my mind.
Recently I took a little trip to New York city and I was doing something else I love to do. I was gazing at all the wonderful impressionist paintings at the Metropolitian Muesum of Art. As I was viewing one of Monet's water lilly paintings it occured to me it was all done in blues and violets. So I thought, well Monet did it and it looks pretty mavelous; I think I will give it a whirl too.  So here you go -Monet's Blues, I think it turned out pretty good.


  1. Amy, Great job! You did it! I love the pinks and lavenders in the shadow area! Beautiful work!

  2. Beautiful!! Has your elegance, charm, style and wit!! Love it.
    Always go with your gut. The voices will simply stop. That's my experience. At least the annoying ones stop and the supportive ones are crystal clear.

  3. I am glad you listened to your Monet side and love the fabulous color in these. What fun and these boots were just made for rainy day walking!

  4. Hey! Where is my comment???? I commented on this last week! I love this - and bet the lady who owns those boots would love it too. :D
    You are so good at values - look at the dark side of the right boot against the light side of the left boot. Masterful.