Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Little Bit by A Little Bit

Winter Wear © 2012 Amy Hillenbrand
24 x 12  oil on board
Boy, painting was quite the experience, whew! I started out really liking my subject matter, quite excited to plow right into it. Then I got into it and it just wasn't turning out how I imagined in my mind and it just wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. One of the days I was working on it, I was really really frustrated, very unable to get into the flow. So I switched my mindset and said to myself, well, I will throw it out when I finish it; just paint without the thought it has to be perfect. So I did and low and behold I got out of my head and it flowed that day.  Since it is a little larger painting, I wasn't done it one day. It sat there at the easel for a couple days before I got up the gumption to paint again.  I really just wanted to give up and quit. But then I wasn't unable to do that either, I just can't leave something unfinished, because that would bug me too. So a little bit by a little bit, I finished it.  
As I look back going through the process, it is a lot like life. I have that initial excitement about something and then as I get into it - it starts to get a little challenging and sometimes I want to quit. Then when I let go of the outcome and just be okay with it, I can be in the flow taking it moment by moment.  As the next day comes, I may have to have a different strategy and a little bit by a little bit I keep moving forward. Anybody relate?

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