Sunday, June 17, 2012

Palace Princess

Palace Princess © 2012 Amy Hillenbrand
8 x 10 oil on board

This is another kitty I found roaming the grounds of the Petti Palace in Florence, Italy in the spring of 2007. When I finished the painting, my Husband said "Um, Amy, she looks a little fat, are you sure you painted this right?" Yes, she was. She was quite a large kitty. I imagine she feasts daily on all palace's delicacies.  She eats like a Queen, I"m sure, but Palace Queen didn't quite have the same ring as "Palace Princess" Below are some more photos from this trip.  It was so spectacular.
This was a view of the Petti Palace looking down from the gardens, can you see the kitties down by the foundation?  That is where they were guarding the Palace.
The Boboli Gardens.
Me, doing the site-seeing thing.
The 1000 year old Villa where I stayed. My room was right at the top of the stairs you see on the right. It even came equipped with a ghost. That was fun.
Where we were served our meals everyday, Talk about Al Fresco dining, Molto Buona!


  1. What a sweet princess / queen / kitty!!! Love her and her gracious living. Looks like you had an AMAZING trip. So nice to have you back home doing what you love- painting!!

  2. Gorgeous work! Another beauty! What an exciting trip, it all looks like a travel magazine!