Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 8 30 Paintings in 30 Days

The Thistle and The Moth © 2013 Amy Hillenbrand
6 x 6 Oil on board

About the Painting

I have to thank my sister, Ann for supplying the photograph I used as my reference for this painting.  Thank you Ann Mielke.  Then  I quickly need to apologize.  The painting does not do the photo justice.  Sorry Sis.  I may have to paint it again sometime to see if I can get down on the canvas what I see in my minds eye.

Gremlin Report

(Why a Gremlin report?, I am tracking how my commitment phobic gremlins behave or mis-behave during this 30 day painting challenge.)

Well the little buggers were really giving me a hard time last night.  I didn't finish my daily painting until 10pm and I was tired when I finished.  Too tired to photograph, crop, write, and post my post.  They were still on my case this morning because I missed posting on day 7 even though I had my painting done.  Wow, they are relentless. One minute they are trying to stop me from from doing something. The next minute they are yelling at me to do something.  It is so good to realize no matter what you do your gremlins will never be happy.  

Want to know what I did to shut them down?  I got in touch with why I committed to do the challenge.  I wanted to have fun and learn some things.  I didn't do it to find yet another way to get down on myself.  It has been fun so far, experimenting with subjects I don't normally paint, seeing what other challenge participants are painting and making new friends.  In the 7 or 8 shorts days I've learned a lot too.  Today I learned it's always good to know my why when I'm doing something. Try it with whatever you have going on in your life. It will always bring you peace and strength of conviction to keep going.   

Tell you what, once the gremlins got the message they all looked at each other and were absolutely speechless. It was kinda cool. 



  1. Nice one Amy as always, beautiful work! Love the thistle & the moth. What's next ?

  2. Hi Amy! Lovely work - my mother Shelby Crouse told me to check out your work! 30 day challenge is so much fun!

  3. Amy, love your painting, especially the colors! Brilliant!