Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Broadcasting Live

Broadcasting Live © 2013 Amy Hillenbrand
24 x 24 Oil on Canvas
I'm always on the lookout for flowers where ever I go,  I was so excited to find these berry red Stargazers.  They had the incredible fragrance of the white Stargazer that you normally see and had this beautiful bright bold red color.  I was pretty tickled that I could literally match the actual colors with my oil paints. I almost titled the painting The Bold and The Beautiful. But my imagination had something else in mind.

When I look at the painting I imagine the flowers are all in a choir broadcasting their voices nice and loud.  But the little guy in the lower right is younger then the others in the bunch.  He's like the little brother and he has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  He just can't focus and is busy gawking out the window while the others our practicing diligently for their upcoming concert.  Go with me here...