Tuesday, September 22, 2009


8 x 10 Oil of Canvas

Painting must really be on my mind.  As I was waking this morning I was having a really funny dream, my husband called it strange,weird and he thinks I'm totally wacked.  It goes like this:  I was at a birthday party at a really abundant person's house ( like the level of a Donald Trump) and after all the guests  gathered and it was time to open gifts the hostess of the party started saying how difficult good gifts are to come by (I didn't quite understand this since she could afford to buy any gift she wanted) she asks us all to take a handful of pine nuts and then she hands each one of us a ho ho on a beautiful napkin ( which I quickly tell myself not to eat because it will make me fat).  Next she hands everyone a canvas (it's not what your thinking).  She instructs everyone to grind the ho ho and the pine nuts and then glue them onto the canvas, she explains that when you're traveling you can use this as a dummy or decoy so people will think the masterpiece has been stolen, but the real canvas is safely rolled up and packed in your luggage.  The combination ho ho and pine nuts is to look like glue when the theif ripped off the painting.  I know it makes no sense, okay, maybe I am a little weird. Are there any dream experts in the group?


  1. Oh so dreamy painting. This interior is a fab niche for you and you really shine in this space.

  2. Amy, these are so beautiful!

  3. Never met anyone who dreamed about a Ho Ho. :O

    I love the dream - I have crazy dreams all the time, too! Great idea for when we go steal priceless masterpieces - got my 10x10 inch canvas ready!

    And what a dreammmmmy painting!