Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tea Anyone?

16 x 20 Oil on Canvas
So now I bought the book Julie & Julia and is quite funny and only 9 bucks at Costco. In the part I just read she is making Oeufs a la Bourguignonne which is red wine poached eggs on top of toast and sauteed in butter and wine, doesn't that sound delicious? She goes through almost a dozen eggs to get four or something like that... anyway as I am painting this painting yesterday I heard voices, you know those voices that are just so darn annoying.  They were saying, yes "they" ("they" travel in packs, packs of Gremlins)
 your strokes don't look very painterly, the yellow isn't the right, the stripes are not right, if so and so painted this it would like much better and on and on they went.  One fear a person with commitment problems has is that they are afraid of judgement, but I never stopped and thought about my own judgement.  My own judgement probably is what holds me back the most, can anyone relate? Well Julie just kept on trying to poached eggs in the wine so I'm just going to keep painting. New goal: Paint and have the little Gremlins sit in the corner and play amongst themselves.


  1. I can definitely relate Amy. For years, I've been wanting to draw my kids...what stops me? I bought a drawing book and I am sure I can find a pencil, have one right here. Fear.
    You're inspiring!
    Don't feel like starting to draw but feel like moving through that fear and deal with my own gremlins...maybe we can get our gremlins together and they can go off and have fun on their own?
    Love, Sandra

  2. Oh! I LOVE the paitings, love the flowers.

  3. I say draw away Sandra and then the gremlins will get the message

  4. LOVE this. Jim says " She can sure sell that one!!" You are on a roll.
    So glad to be a witness to your inspiration. See you tomorrow with my paints! xoxo Deb

  5. Oh, my goodness, Amy, you torture yourself, this is a beautiful painting! The yellow is brilliant and gorgeous, and the stripes are perfect! I do understand, I do this to myself, sometimes more so, than other times! It's somehow comforting to realize this is part of the human condition! We must all forge ahead, regardless of the inner critic!! If you have not read Julia Cameron's, The Artist's Way, and her other terrific books, you might find her writing helpful, for these kinds of situations. She is a wonderful writer, and so uplifting!