Monday, November 2, 2009

Sofa Sublime

12 x 12 Oil on Canvas

Okay so I know I said on one post that painting is like exercise, but now I want to add to that and say it is like golf.  If my mind is too active while I'm trying to hit the ball, bad news, I wiff it or it veers off  to the left or even sometimes right in the water.  When I started this yesterday, my mind was whirling. I am going on a trip on Wednesday so I was thinking about all the things I had to do before I leave, boy thinking just doesn't work when your trying to paint, it wasn't pretty. So I told myself, "self, stop stessing, it's not helping your painting."   It works out best if I just go in la la land and don't do any thinking at all. Perhaps I could even call it a zen state.  It sure is a good way to be totally present in the moment.


  1. I love this...strong, bold, simple.

  2. I totally agree - distractions are BAD for painting! Zen is the way to go! Then the painting seems to paint itself! I'm giving you a Blogging Award - visit my blog and see what to do to pick it up!

  3. Amy,the dramatic composition is striking, I love all the empty space at over the sofa! Wonderful colors, too!