Monday, November 16, 2009

Sophisticated Slumber

10 x 20 Oil on Canvas

It is almost comical how my life keeps geting in the way of painting. Ugh! Last week it was something, this week it is another big something else.  I almost want to create a time sheet of where all my time goes, but that sounds way too much like work. Yucky...  But really, where does it go?  I'm not going to complain,  though today I saw a report on a TV morning show of the woman who got her faced chewed off by the chimp, remember that?  and when the reporter asked what the familly is hoping for when she  goes home, her brother replied , well we really hope she gets to the place where she can bathe herself, put her clothes on herself and feed herself so she can have some independence.  Boy that puts things into perspective, doesn't it? No more complaining.


  1. One more beautiful painting! Amy, you are so productive, whatever that someting else is, it sure isn't slowing you down. What an inspirational msg! Which reminds me, I better get busy! So much to paint, so little time!

  2. You are so right about my whining! Yesterday, in getting ready for my talk today (2 boxes of paintings, plus 3 outsized ones), dropping off at the local art show, Qi Kung, etc. I said to my mother-in-law - I have SUCH a busy week! She said "You always say that." I told my husband and he said "Well, you DO always have a busy week!" So I guess I want it this way. You too? What a great painting! I can't wait to see your work in person!