Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Would Angels Wear?

8 x 10 oil on canvas

On Monday night I went to hear an Angel expert (my words) give a little talk with my good friend, Celeste(Isn't that a wonderful name?).  Her name is Lorna Byne who wrote the book Angels in my Hair. Okay first you have to know she's from Ireland, so she talks with a beautiful Irish accent.  I think all angel experts should talk with a beautiful accent, don't you? 

She's been seeing and interacting with  Angels since she was just a wee one and so now she has a million experiences to share when addressing audiences.  She strongly talked about guardian angels and their constant presence, how comforting. She went on to tell about different Angels that arrive (for lack of a better word) for different tasks. She shared how much they love to help us.  That got me a'thinking..

Why not request a painting that's just what I did. Here is what my painting Angel did for me, she or him or shim, allowed me to paint in peace, meaning the negative self-talk was non-existent. Oh how very very peaceful.  Too bad you can't hear my Irish accent that I just said that with. 

I wonder if Angels like shoes, too...hhhmm


  1. I can tell you were inspired as this is just GLOWING!!!!! How exciting. I will have to ask my guardian angel Allison, that I talk to regularly, if she alone inspires my in my painting or if we should recruit a specific painting angel. When I got in touch with her years ago, she did introduce me to Michael/Michelle a relationship angel, (happily married now so that was productive), another working with body rhythm and body flow who had a name like "Peaceful flowing river of water" - was quite wild. LOVE this topic and your amazing painting. Can't wait to see what our salon angels have in store for us!!!

  2. I have loved all things angelic since I was a wee one so of course I delight in your story and in your wonderfully dazzling 'angel shoes'

  3. Amy, I love your painting, and I love your angel concept. I think that I will follow your lead, and Debbi's, too, and ask for help from an angel. It's sounds like divine intervention!