Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spot On

8 x 10 oil on canvas

When to wipe and when to not wipe, that is the question.  Even though this painting looks pretty straight forward it was a bear, the spots really gave me fits. I so wanted to do the ole' wipe-a-roo after about 2 hours.  I remembered the advice my mother used to give me when I was little and I couldn't figure out my homework, she'd say, "just let it be and come back later and try again".  I stopped for the day and revisited it the next. Isn't it amazing how spot on Mom's are?

  These delightful flats are another pair from the collection of my neighbor, Jill Stachura.


  1. This IS a deceptively complicated painting! And you mastered it!

    My Mom would be thrilled to know how many of her sayings I have running through my head (and my mouth) all the time...

  2. I know those Mom's are something aren't they?

  3. hi Amy... love looking at your shoe series... saw your name on karin j's email for her workshop in november... look forward to it!

  4. Hi Amy, I do like the shoes! Great job on a hard pattern to reproduce.

  5. mothers advice is always good. It came out great Amy. Nice job.