Saturday, January 22, 2011

Return from Hiatus

Unfinished Painting

  After much delay and wonderful encouragement from all my painting friends, I finally got to the canvas. But then I was horrified, horrified! When putting brush to canvas, I totally forgot what to do, how to move the brush around to create a painting. I looked at my subject and had no idea where to put the paint. It was awful, it was as though I had brain damage. Very scary.

That was Monday. Tuesday was a little more of the same. Then on Wednesday, I spent most the day doing tasks that I had put off since the holidays. My mind was filled with clutter. That clutter was apparently blocking the pathways of my painting abilities. I have cleaned up the brain clutter and I am happy to report the painting is much easier. Why I picked such a  large and complicated painting for my first after such a long hiatus I don't know.  Silly me.

The many lessons I  learned:
1) don't have such a long spell between painting 2) don't try to paint when you have lots of important "stuff" to get done 3) don't pick a large or complicated painting when you haven't painted for awhile  and most importantly... 4) I have a lot of supportive people in my life.


  1. Good lessons to learn!

    I love these shoes - colors are fabulous! I'm anxious to see your finished work!

  2. Love the sneakers. So colorful and fun. Can't wait to see the finished piece. I'm rusty now too so thanks for the lessons. Go Amy go. Know this is gonna be a great year for you - thus the sneakers. You've gotta be ready to be on the move and go, go, go!

  3. This painting is looking great! Yep, hard to get back into the swing of things after being away from painting so long. I lose confidence when I don't paint for a while. I love your pooch painting. Cute story.
    Look forward to seeing more posts!

  4. Amy, Great to see you back! Gorgeous painting, and inspiring words! You haven't missed a beat!

  5. Amy, This is wonderful and good to see you back. Good tips on what you have learned and I bet we all agree! Look forward to seeing the finished sneakers- love the colors! Keep at it:)