Sunday, May 1, 2011

All Things Little

Dinkie Pinkies © 2011 Amy Hillenbrand
18 x 14 oil on canvas

On my search for new material to paint, I once again went digging through my neighbors closets, I'm sure they think I am very weird. An Artist has to do what an Artist has to do, right? I came across these little tennies from a little girl named Grace. So what to do with little shoes, put them on a little chair. My Grandpa made this little chair years and years ago, because my Grandma was a tiny little lady and she couldn't reach into her cupboards. She was so cute. He went on to make one for my Mom, my Sister and one for me. This chair has become the treat chair for Sophie, my dear painting assistant. She sits upon her little chair shakes the right paw, shakes with the left paw, points to the treat drawer, waits until I open the treat drawer, jumps down, runs to the laundry room, jumps up onto the washing machine, then on command she lays down, once and then twice and then....... she gets her treat. You think I'm kidding don't you? I'm not :)

This is Sophie below with a scowl on her face because I put this faux kitty next to her chair during the Christmas season. Sorry Sophie


  1. Love those little shoes, Amy! Adorable, and so is Sophie. She looks like the Algonquin kitty, Matilda!

  2. Another great piece! Love the view looking down.

  3. Your blog look GREAT! I've already told you I love the little shoes! And I can attest to Sophie's accomplishments, PLUS she can pretend to 'take her sweater off'! Smart cat. :)

  4. Love the painting and the name is dynamite too! You are so with it - blog and a full website with all your series nicely displayed in a professional portfolio. Congrats! It all looks marvelous. Know you will get a lot of people wanting a pet portrait!

  5. Your painting is adorable and I love hearing about your cat. Much smarter than we give them credit for. Speaking of credit ... gotta give your neighbor some credit, I am not sure I would allow my neighbor going through my closet *wink.

  6. I believe you about Sophie's treat ritual. I know cats and they are smart!
    Love the shoe paintings and the story about your grandparents. Sweet!