Thursday, September 8, 2011

Something Different

My Mom was recently in the hospital and I wanted to bring her something to cheer her up. I wanted to bring her something from the heart.  I thought of painting something for her, but wasn't quite sure that was the thing and then...

I am currently taking an e-class from an incredible artist Kelly Rae Roberts. I'm sure you have seen her adorable, inspiring work. It is everywhere. I know I have. Well, in her class she had a guest speaker one day, the wonderfully creative Claudine Hellmuth. As I was wandering around her website, I stumbled upon these adorable little pretties. Claudine calls them Sitting Pretties.  And then it was an aha moment, I will make these for my Mom! I call them guardian Angels to watch over her while she heals.

Pictured above: my big brother Michael, my big sis Ann, my other big brother Peter and then yours truly.  I had a ball making them and I think my joy was felt by my Mom when she opened her gift. I love you Mom. Thanks for always putting my art projects on the refrigerator.


  1. Sweet, special and so heartfelt. Love this! Know your mom did too!

  2. Amy,so adorable! I am sure that you helped your mom heal by this sweet and creative effort! Wishing your mom a speedy recovery, and many more years of good health!

  3. How perfect!! I'm sure your mom LOVED this!! Hope your mother recovers quickly!

  4. Wow - how very sweet and reflective of each family member's personality! Know you mom loved them!!! Thanks for sharing something so touching. Sending prayers for speedy healing.