Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be Flexible or Be Hot

Two Guy Ties © 2012 Amy Hillenbrand
24 x 12  oil on board
$615.00 + shipping 
Check it out, it's not a painting of shoes. I know! Shocked aren't you?  Funny little story about this painting.  I had this intense desire to do another painting like the one you see on the left side bar with the coats and the boots.  I dug in my closet and my Hubby's to find some interesting coats, fun boots and shoes. I brought some ties along for a pop of color next to the coats. (I was photographing in an empty, new house that the air was not turned on - it was over 105 degree's that day, ugh. Artist do what Artist need to do. I needed a closet with a wood floor.)
I spent hours photographing  different coat and shoe combinations. I was getting hot.  I didn't like anything I had shot. Another hour rolls by, I'm getting hotter. I glanced over at these ties on the hanger. They wanted their chance in the limelight. I said what the heck and  I did a little snap snap. Viola'...I now had something I liked.  I liked the movement, I liked the shadows and I really liked the fact I could now close up shop and head for the air conditioning. The moral of the story - be flexible, you never know what you will come up with. Or is the moral...when it's 105, don't be so picky.


  1. Just love this!! You could do bow ties and men's tux shirts and cumberbun (sp?). Love the undone formal wear look. :-) I could see a man's painting next to a woman's painting in boudoirs. Yes!

  2. Your blog is such a pleasure to visit. Your style and subject matter is a smile maker. Love the ties and the format. Like how you cropped out part of the hanger. your suffering for your art!

  3. Thank you for hanging in there to get such wonderfully unique subject matter! Love the shadow on the blue striped tie!! Ah-mazing!