Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to Do When you Don't feel like Doing

Paco In Plaid © 2012 Amy Hillenbrand
8 x 8  oil on board

As much as I would like to say I'm always happy as a clam all the time, I wouldn't be telling the whole truth. Life gets tough sometimes.  It would be a very difficult jump to go from feeling very low to saying I feel super excited, enthusiastic and joyful  in one big leap. With that said, I know that it is possible, but sometimes it works to take baby steps to feeling better or as I say to my coaching clients, raise your vibration.

This is where Paco comes in.  I am currently going through one of life's curve balls and was on the low end of the vibration register. Enter stage right-critters.  Critters you say? Yes Critters.  I love the little buggers. Paco is the fury child of one of my dear artist friends Kelley MacDonald. Paco is a vivacious pug who oozes personality. Paco even writes his own blog, catch it here. Staring at this pug's mug for several hours to paint him, in his fabulous plaid winter coat, just made me smile.When I was done, I had definitely raised my vibration level several steps more than I thought I would. Hopefully when you view this little pup's portrait you will smile too.

So when you are feeling low, what is one little action you could take to get you to a more pleasant emotional place? Is there a Pug that you could hug?


  1. Great post Amy. I've been thinking of you. And as always, wonderful painting. You have great talent.

  2. Hi Amy, this is just wonderful!! Paco was there just in time to boost your spirits. So glad. And you did a lovely job portraying his obviously strong personality! Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon! I do something nice for myself when I'm not in my best spirits - whether its a hot bath, time to relax and read a book, watch a movie - treat myself!! Try it and see. xoxo

  3. Amy, Great painting, as always! Good for you for getting in there, and painting. Hoping that your spirits lift soon. It's sometimes hard to remember, but everything is temporary. I remind myself of this a lot. This too shall pass. Best wishes for better days ahead.

  4. Great words! And I must admit, there is nothing like those fur angels to heal your spirit!
    Be well and happy!

  5. I could just attach a note with instructions to Paco's collar, and send him on his way to Austin for a few days... pugs are the best commiserators! They're all squashy and soft and warm, and they make the most emotional faces! Then when you're ready to be happy.. they're ecstatic! Just a great painting. I am glad if he helped!