Monday, March 5, 2012

Angel or Demon

Purr-fect Pose © 2012 Amy Hillenbrand
8 x 10  oil on board
Once again my sweet little Sophie supplied me with subject material for a painting. She was nice enough to keep posing while I went to hunt down my camera, what a gal. Not only can she pose like a supermodel, she can also keep our castle free of villains. She looks so sweet and innocent in this pose, like she wouldn't hurt a flea, right? That is why it is so incredibly funny when a neighborhood dog finds it's way into our backyard and into her territory.  My mild-mannered, adorable, 7lb feline turns into the big ferocious protector of the deck. As her head turns around on her neck just like Linda Blair in the Exorcist, she fights to save the homeland from invasion. She has even chased off a 100-120lb Rottweiler, that was a sight to see. What would I do without her? 
Just a reminder, if you have a purr-fect picture of your fury friend and would love a painting to treasure, please click on the picture of Puddles on the upper right hand of my blog for more information.  



  1. What a sweet painting!!! Love the shadows on the leaf petals. Know this one really made you smile. Hope you are well. xoxo

  2. Adorable! Amy, love this piece! So glad to to hear that you have such a fierce feline protecting your home front! Sophie looks especially intimidating in this painting!