Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Blast Past Your Creative Block, Remedy #3

The Great Garlic Divide © 2012 Amy Hillenbrand
14 x 11 oil on board

This is number #3 in my series of post sharing with you my super easy tools that you can use to help you break free of your creative block, your procrastination or my favorite term for this issue - 'stuckness'.  Like the others, this tool is super quick and super easy to do.

The previous two tools were more concrete in nature. This next one is using the power of your mind and your imagination.  This one is fun and  super powerful in blasting away this terrible aforementioned condition.

This one is called a Mind Plant- you will be cultivating the right frame of mind for action. Tonight before you go to sleep I want you to do a little visualization. Get yourself in the right frame of mind by taking several deep breaths and relaxing every part of your body.  Now imagine the next morning and see yourself popping out of bed with excitement and enthusiasm, you're so excited about your day that a team of horses couldn't keep you from your canvas or your computer or whatever task it is you want to move on. Imagine yourself feeling super motivated and you are filled with tons of energy and vitality. Your ideas are flowing, imagine your brain is just bursting with one creative idea after another. See yourself being centered and focused so that by the end of the day you have done the "thing".  The "thing" that you've wanted to accomplish. See yourself doing the "thing" easily and happily. Imagine the outcome. See your self super satisfied with the end results. Okay, lights out and let the brain cultivate the right conditions for tomorrow's success.

You could take this a step further and record your vision on your computer and play it to yourself each night. (On the Mac you could use Garage Band). You could plant other things too, like weight loss or going to the gym, etc.  This would be a great new habit to form.  Love to hear your results, let me know in the comments how it works for you.