Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Blast Past Creative Block #6

Peppy Poinsetta and Pine Cone © 2012 Amy Hillenbrand
6 x 6 oil on board
$100 + shipping

To effectively blast past your block, be it a creative block or some other procrastination gunk, you have to take your foot off the brake and disengage the emergency brake too. Do you know the feeling of trying just to use your own will power to push through something.  You are just gritting your teeth and saying to yourself, okay I'm going to do this no matter what. Sometimes that was all you needed to get started and you are off and running and that is spectacular. Bravo! You took your foot off the brake and stepped on the gas. So the next day when it's time to go again that dreadful feeling is still there and to get anywhere you have to step on the gas even harder. Ugh!
It's so weird, your mind says, yes I want to do this, but your emotions say "no I don't, no I don't and you're not going to make me! "Now what?  Time for a little navel gazing. No moaning!!

Ask yourself this question, what benefit do I get out of procrastinating this, how does it help me out? Trust me, there is a part of you that thinks the this is better for you than moving forward or otherwise you would be moving forward, right?  What possible ways could this help you out, you ask?  Well you know if you don't start, you won't fail and if you don't fail you don't have to go through those icky failure feelings, right.  So what else are you saving yourself from? "They" might judge or criticize you, (whoever they are).  You might get laughed at.  It might not be perfect. (OMG)  It didn't turn out the way I imagined, so therefore, it is a failure. The ole' FOF ( Fear of Failure). 

 So in the act of self-preservation we do what any warm blooded person would do-we don't go there, because feeling like a failure sucks! Instead we just beat up on ourselves for procrastinating, isn't that merry? See our subconscious is trying to protect us, it does what ever it needs to do to keep you safe from those awful terrible feelings of failure. Who would want to stand in the town square and be judged, criticized, laughed at or even ignored?  So which one of these things can you relate to?  Write them down and then ask yourself are these true, will this really happen, nine times out of ten they are just false beliefs. Just by asking yourself these questions brings these things to the light of day and all of sudden the emergency break is off and you hardly have to step on the gas to go go go.

Next time we will look at FOS (Fear of Success) Isn't that a silly one?


  1. Beautiful!! What a fabulous Christmas gift painting. Congrats on all he fabulous work and thanks for the tips on moving forward with our dreams. xoxo

  2. Amy, great post, as usual! Beautiful ainting, and important message. happy holifdays to,you!