Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fragrant Freesia

Fragrant Freesia © 2013 Amy Hillenbrand
36 x 36 oil on canvas

I love this painting. Oh gosh that was hard to say.  I have this little voice inside me that says it's bad to brag  about something I have done. Do you have that voice ? I know a lot of artist do. We need to get over that don't we? But anyhoo... I love this painting. I wish you could see it in person. It's a big one.  It is hard to tell how big it is on a blog post.  So I am including some details showing some close up views. The last image is this painting sitting on my easel with  one of my little 6 x 6 paintings propped up next to it. The scale is almost laughable. Please look down in the right hand corner and you will see the little itty bitty painting.  Just for grins and giggles you can see the start of this painting here.


  1. I love it too! So happy to see you giddy over your passion. This is so crisp and delightful and expertly painted. Woohoo for you!! xoxo

  2. Amy, So wonderful, enjoy this beautiful painting! That is part of the process, too! Just amazing work! So, lovely!

  3. Nice view point. I think your the first person I've seen do a view like this and love the crisp shadows Amy.