Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mint Tulip

Mint Tulip © 2013 Amy Hillenbrand
24 x 24 oil on canvas

I am a big lover of flowers and enjoyed painting the flowers and the leaves. During the process of painting this, I had a happy little surprise. (Don't you love when that happens?) I discovered how much I enjoy painting the water with the distorted stems and refracted light going thru the glass.  I thought to myself, hmm I'm going to try this again. Stay tuned
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please contact me by email.  Had a little problem with my paypal account as of late.



  1. This is stunning! So glad I clicked on the image to see it even larger. What a powerful, striking painting. Congrats!

  2. Love the composition and foreshortening!

  3. This is lovely Amy! these are my favorite type of tulips :)