Sunday, March 10, 2013

Big Bunch of Love

Big Bunch of Love © 2013 Amy Hillenbrand
24 x 24 oil on canvas

This big beautiful bunch of roses was my Valentines Day gift from my sweet hubby.  While these were decorating our sunshine filled kitchen table,  like the pears I painted, these too caught my eye and something in me said "Oh, you should paint those".  I cheerfully took a photo and started to paint, but then a not so cheerful voice said "why in the world did you take this challenge on, are you crazy?" They were an incredible challenge and took me maneeeeeeey hours.  As I paint, ala prima, or for the lay person, wet on wet, the point at which I stopped painting for the day was always tricky.  This was tricky because there are really no good stopping points since all the roses touch each other. Hence, there were many days which turned into nights….actually midnights. 

I thought it would fun to show you my palette for this painting. Usually I have several little piles of paint colors on my palette. This subject matter had a million shades and variations of white and every flower and even every petal had a zillion in them. (okay so I exaggerate)  You know what I mean. I actually had two palettes going at the same time for this one.  All in all, it was a fun challenge and I have an understanding of why the little voice said "you should paint this". Okay now for some sleep.  



  1. Wow, wow, wow!!!! So intricate and beautiful. Love the title. You received a big bunch of love and you put a big bunch of love into this. Very special. xoxo

  2. Beautiful, Amy! You out did yourself on this one. I look incredibly challenging to paint, and you painted it perfectly!