Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pocket Pansy

Pocket Pansy © 2013 Amy Hillenbrand

10 x 8 oil painting on board
About the Painting
Here is another from my flowers in a bag series. I get such a kick out of these little gems.  I actually have little tiny paper bags that I use to create these set-ups.  I put the flowers in a shot glass so they stay fresh while I work. While setting this one up, I got some water on the bag. At first I was going to ignore the water drops, but then on second thought, I thought why not paint them. Whatcha think? Better with the drops or without?

Some Navel Gazing
Do you find yourself going and going and going and never getting anywhere? Do work really hard at being productive and getting things done and yet you feel you have nothing to show for it? Are you always striving? Maybe the striving is just in your mind, feeling like there is a little rat on a wheel in your brain going around and around and never getting anywhere.  Even though you didn't get anywhere, it still was a lot of work going around and around on your little wheel and you just feel plumb tuckered out. Annoying isn't it?

What if you had a program running in your mind, unconscious to you of course, that created this craziness and keeps running because you have not hit the delete button. The program you got downloaded is called struggle.  The brain "app" is programmed to have you always struggle, struggle, struggle no matter what the circumstance. You had an inspired idea-but you must struggle first.  You got a great opportunity-but you must struggle first. You have something handed to you- but you must struggle first  before you can feel good. You might have tried before to figure out  what keeps you from getting what you want and you thought it was worthiness issues or fear of success.  Just ponder the whole ~I must struggle first~ idea.  You might have to get really quiet inside to sense if you are running this one.  But if it is you and you allow yourself to think about how it may have been running in your life, this awareness allows you to hit delete and shut down the power of this program. Wouldn't that  be wonder-bar?


  1. As always, Amy, love your post! Beautiful art, and insightful message. Thank you for putting so much thought into both!

  2. Beautiful painting, Amy! Love this series. And the insights are inspiring as well. xoxo