Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weed Me Not

Weed Me Not © 2013 Amy Hillenbrand
8 x 8 oil on 1" cradle board

About this Painting
This little guy goes so well with the other little guy I posted last time, which was Daisy Duet.  I have to say I love the name of this one "Weed Me Not".  It reminds me of when I was a little girl.  We had open fields around our house which I used to play in.  I would pretend I was an Indian and make pots out of the dirt and water which was in little streams or lay on my back and stare at the clouds. When I was not doing that I would pick flowers to bring home to my Mom.  We had plenty of daisies and thistles like these in those fields in Wisconsin.  I would make beautiful bouquets of these flowers having no idea that so many people thought they were weeds. Can't you just imagine this little guy with his arms wide open saying "I'm no weed, what are you thinking?, I"m a flower!" 


  1. We are like-minded! When my son was little one day he saw me weeding and he got all upset. "They're just weeds.." I told him. At six years old he said "A weed is a flower that is just growing where you don't want it to!" And.... you guys were right, and I've felt that way ever since!
    Lovely little painting..... tiny for you!

  2. So sweet! Love this series. Looks marvelous in person! A must see in your current exhibit. Xoxo

  3. Amy, this is beautiful, with all of the blues, and light! I love it!