Tuesday, February 16, 2010


10 x 10 Oil on Canvas

Yesterday I was frozen in a state of overwhelm.  Ideas were flooding my mind, I could do this, I could do that, I should do this, I should do that and they all seemed important.  Underneath it all was this hidden belief if I choose this one to spend my time on it would be the wrong one and... there is just not enough time to do it all.  Because of the state of overwhelm, I almost threw my hands up in the air, got out the box of chocolate bon-bons my husband got me for Valentine's day and was prepared for a day of old movies on AMC...I said almost!  In the end I wrote all the shoulds and coulds on a piece of paper and then picked a few and gave myself a time limit on each one.  Then I was off to the races. I also reminded myself all things happen with divine timing. Then after dealing with some of the shoulds and coulds, it was time. There was a calm and I was able to focus on my task at hand.     Voila`...my painting!


  1. I love this one, Amy. I also love your shoes, very cute. You remind me of myself. I feel like I am in a state of "overwhelm" a lot of the time. I just remind myself, that you can't do everything at once, and slow down...I like your idea even better, everything in divine order!

  2. I passed on the Sunshine Award to you. Please go to my blog to get it.

  3. I'm seeing a SHOW coming together - these are amazing! What an inspiration you are!

  4. thank you so much Nancy, Pam and Kelley you guys are the best

  5. Love this shoe series. Such detail and such a wonderful subject.
    See what you can do with focus even for a short time.
    Hope to be painting like you soon. Nice seeing you last Friday night and sorry we didn't get to listen to music together Sat. But we tried!