Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old Guys with Hats

36 x 24 Oil on Canvas

I am using the month of April to refresh, revamp and rev up my blog.  To assist me in this undertaking I've enrolled in an on-line class from Alyson Stanfield called +Blog Triage: Maintaining a Healthy Artist Blog.  One of the desired outcomes of this project,  is to receive more comments from more readers, because then I get mail; mail in my in-box, yea! Who doesn't love mail?

 This is all Fritz's fault, and who, you may ask, is Fritz?  Fritz, of course, is the mailman.  Not just  any mailman, Fritz was the  mailman I had growing up.  He was a really happy little man, you know the kind. The kind that loves what they do and make others around them feel happy.  In the summer you could hear him all the way up the street because he was always whistling in his open mailman truck.  He wore a cute little hat and always, always greeted you with a smile and a funny  little saying to make you laugh.  My mother and I would walk down to the mailbox have a little chat and smile and then Fritz would personally hand us the mail; he reallly made me feel special.  I know, I know it sounds like some Disney movie, but it really happened.

Our first homework assignment is to describe our desired readers for our blog.  So needless to say, readers who like to  look at and buy oil paintings and...  leave comments is at the top of my list.


  1. Amy: I don't think you answered the question or gave it the thought we're looking for. WHO is attracted to your art? Who usually likes it, talks about it, shows it, or shares it with others? And who do you imagine might do the same? "readers who like to look at and buy oil paintings and... leave comments is at the top of my list" is kind of random. Think about this as a marketing plan. Describe your buyers.

  2. Your painting of the old guys is so expressive- each has distinctive character. Did you find them sitting in Austin?!?!?

  3. Hi Amy! You've got mail! Seriously, how long did it take you to paint the old men. It's amazing! You are so talented. I enjoyed reading about your mailman growing up. Yeah, totally Disney. I should know! I live in Orlando.Hope you'll keep us "posted" on your Blog Triage Class!
    (a fellow fishie)

  4. Greetings from a fellow triage class member. I enjoyed the way you wove a story into your post. I look forward to getting to know you.

  5. Hi Lynn, Yes, they do have quite distinctive faces that is exactly why I was drawn to them. Yes, this painting did take me some time Melanie, I did do it about a year and half ago, so I wonder if I painted it now if it would take as much time.

  6. Oh, I love mail, too! The internet is a wonderful thing but I sure do miss personal letters!

    Anyway, I am another blog patient. I thought I would stop in and say hi!