Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who are You?

18 x 14 Oil on Canvas
Daybreak in East Texas

Part II continuation of: "Who I am wanting to attract to my blog"? The second part of my answer also lies in the intention I have for my art and my blogging.  It is my intention that my art brightens your life and my blogging inspires or ignites a change in your world. You are given a peak inside my journey, my thought process through my stories, my struggles and my successes. I want to empower you and think to yourself, "If Amy can do it, so can I." Whatever your journey is, I hope you can use my insights for whatever you are undertaking.

So who are you? You are someone who is pursuing an art career, a new job, a dream you always wanted, a goal you thought was unobtainable. I would love to hear from you and how you're doing on your own path, so I'd definitely love to have you share your comments aloud.


  1. Amy, Your landscapes are wonderful! These last two are beautiful! Your insights, are so inspiring, and motivating! Please keep both the landscapes, and insights coming!

  2. I love the direction you are taking with your blog and your landscapes. Such insightful and personal stories aligned with wonderful new artistic creations. You are encouraging me to think more about my blogging. Thanks for your ongoing encouragement!!!

  3. Amy, I, too, want to make my readers think, "If Lynn can do it, so can I." But, you are DOING IT, and I am merely doing it. Congratulations on a wonderful blog.