Thursday, May 20, 2010


18 x 14 Oil on Canvas

Have you heard the saying if you continue to hear the same message repeated over and over, it is God trying to tell you something. Well I think he/she is turning up the volume. 

This past weekend I went to a class given by outstanding Austin artist Jan Heaton (gorgegous watercolors) called The Business of Art.  She had a special guest, Wally Workman of the Wally Workman Gallery join us during  the last hour so the class could just pick her brain.  Don't worry Wally left with her brain intact.

My question to Wally: if you had to narrow it down to only one piece of advice for artists what would that be?  Without one second of hesitation she said "paint from your heart, if you feel compelled to paint that thing (whatever your thing is), then you will do lots of it and if you are going to be selling your art you need to create a lot of it". I almost felt the little lighting bolt from God hit my chair and the little side message of how many ways can I say this to you?  I did have an audible little giggle slip out.

I do feel fortunate that I hear my messages (not that I act on them right away), but if you don't hear yours I have a suggestion for you. My good friend, Celeste has written a mini-book on helping you hear your specific messages. She has outlined many easy tools to hear that inner voice. You too could have you lighting bolt.



  1. You are on a roll. And what great advice. I was in the same room and it's interesting what we each hear and take away. Follow your heart - you certainly are my dear. Your blog and paintings are just lovely. You are taking off!!

  2. Gorgeous painting, as always! I always love your messages, this one is no exception. Amy, your painting, and writing skills are both brilliant.
    By the way, I think that I need to look into buying this book! Thank you for the suggestion.

  3. Great painting Amy. The shadow is amazing! How do you do that? And thank you for mentioning my book. I love helping people build their skills at learning to recognize the communication that is constantly flowing to them and artists (creatives) have a wonderful portal to do that.

  4. So glad to read this blog and see your incredible work for the first time. I recall you asking Wally that question in the class and saw you literally light up when she answered you. Don't you just love it when messages are so clear and profound? I'd like to learn more about the book you mentioned by your friend Celeste.

  5. I hope this ends up looking like I made the comment - I'm on my husband's computer! Good for you for hearing AND listening to that VOICE! What a great workshop you got to attend, I'm jealous! This painting is one more 'real Amy' paintings... just beautiful, balanced and serene. Love it.