Sunday, November 4, 2012

Princess Liea  © 2010 Amy Hillenbrand
8 x 8 oil on board
Isn't this little pup adorable?  She was a joy to paint too.  Many many times I think about how wonderful it was for God to plan pets into our world. What would we do without them?  The really are a gift that just keeps giving.  

Speaking of gifts... with Christmas fast approaching, you will probably be searching high and low for the purrrr-fect gift for your favorite people. Right???  You can't lose with gifting someone with a painting of the thing that brings so much pleasure into their life. I wanted to bring to you'alls attention that I do do commission pet portraits.  Please click on my side-bar on the picture of Puddles and find out how you can order a custom portrait for someone you know this Christmas.  If you know others that might want to order a custom pet portrait please send them this link. I so appreciate it.

Okay, and I now apologize for bringing thoughts of Christmas to you so closely after the end of the Halloween season, but....we need to have them dry before shipping.


  1. Very cute,Amy! Great idea for Christmas gifts!

  2. Awww... what a great idea! I think if we ourselves don't have a pet, I bet there's SOMEONE on our Christmas list who does! And... this baby is adorable!