Pet Portraits are a wonderful thing to own. I know this first hand. Several years ago my best-fury kitty friend died after being by my side for 22 years. I had painted her portrait just months before she died and it was such an incredible comfort to have after she left this world to go to kitty heaven.

I paint the portraits from photographs. The better the photo the better the painting. You can send them digitally or by snail mail. Don’t worry, I will return your prized picture. Please send me several photos to choose from and together we will select which one would make the best composition. 

OK, How about some photo tips:
·         Be sure to send photos that best represents your know, maybe one that shows off  his/her little attitude or lying in their favorite spot or playing with their favorite toy or even dressed in the best sweater.
·         You all ready may have this photo or you may want to spend an afternoon getting the perfect pose.
·         Take a ton of pictures; you never quite know which one will make the best painting.
·        You may want to get down on all fours to get an angle that is very becoming. In most cases this would mean when your eyes or the eye of the camera is equal to their eyes.
·         Try to get as close to your little friend as possible, but don’t cut off their ears.
·         To get the right colors for their coat, be sure to take the photograph with bright lighting. Daylight or outside would be the best, but if taken indoors, take the picture while the sun is brightly coming in the windows.
·         Light coming from the side can be most interesting.
·         Do not use your flash because this will distort the colors and wash out any interesting shadows.
·         Please send high resolution photographs as an attachment and we’ll work together to create this wonderful keepsake. Don’t be scared to contact me with any questions you may have, I won’t bite.
                                           8 x 8 = $150
                                   8 x 10 =$190
                                   10 x 10 =$230
                                   12 x 12 =$330
                                   11 x 14 =$330
18 x 14 =$670
16 x 20 =$830
If you want to add additional pets to the painting, add $120 to the total and I would suggest a larger canvas.
Your Pet Portraits will be shipped unframed.

  • * *Add $20.00 for packing and shipping via Insured Mail. 
  • Cost is calculated by averaging the U.S. Post Office rates.
  • After I receive your photos, we will arrange a time to discuss your painting. If you have any questions prior to that just send me an email.

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